UP TO 35% OFF!… The LFM Summer Sale* is finally in the UK! As of July this year we’re pleased to join Polish manufacturer Light For Me in its 2019 Summer Sale – extending major savings on primary light systems to the UK and beyond. The sale encompasses? LFM’s 4 most popular primary umbilical torch heads. All listed items are in-stock at time of listing and ready to go with free UK mainland delivery as well as max capped European/global shipping.

* Prices correct at time of publication 30/06/19 and subject to amendment depending on stock levels. Any model out of stock through the sale will be marked “Out of Stock”. UE reserves the right to amend prices and/or end the campaign at any time.

Offering 4x Popular Light Heads:

Major Discounts + Free UK Mainland Delivery | Max Capped International Shipping

4Tec ?225

18W 4 XPE. 1200 Lumen. Tight  6º beam. 2 Power settings. Low profile. Buy it with slimline 4.4Ah battery for £360. Burntime 3.5 to 18 hours.

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7XML ?275

100W 7 XML Cree. 7800 Lumen. 13º beam. 2 Power settings. Standard profile. Buy it with 11.25Ah battery for £323 or 22.75Ah battery for £748. Burntime 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

Checkout 7XML

7XPE ?243

24W 7 XPE Cree. 4Tec’s 4 Crees + 3 extra XPE crees. 2200 Lumen. 6º beam. 2 Power settings. Buy it with 8.6Ah battery for £460. Burntime 2.5 to 13.5 hours.

Checkout 7XPE

NW7 ?313

48W narrow wide 7 cree. 4800/3600/1200 lumen. 3 Power settings: 3, 4 or 7 LEDs. Buy it with 8.6Ah battery for only £530. Burntime 2 to 18 hours.

Checkout NW7

* Prices correct at time of publication 30/06/19 and subject to amendment depending on stock levels. Any model out of stock through the sale will be marked “Out of Stock”. UE reserves the right to amend prices and/or end the campaign at any time.

Underwater Explorers | Dirdirect is a leading dealer of high quality canister/umbilical and hand-held dive lights and backup torches from Halcyon, Finnsub, Hollis, Scubapro, Tovatec, Orcatorch and has been a Light-For-Me stockist and sales outlet for over a decade.

Based in Poland, Tecdiving is a major producer of? LFM anodized aluminium underwater lighting systems ranging from umbilical torches to handheld primaries, short and mini body backups to video lights.

Their modular primary light systems allow divers to choose the best combination for their needs and/or even use and exchange different types of light heads on a dive site.

As an innovative manufacturer, LFM’s light designs have been rapidly changing over the past years, not only incorporating the latest LED technology but being upgraded in design.

The 2018/2019 series light heads on special offer this summer are more compact and portable than LFM’s original models and operated by more reliable piezo switches instead of magnetic ones, while the battery canisters are sturdy anodized aluminium tubes with delrin bottom and top covers to prevent electrolysis.

10% Off Video Lights while stocks last. You can now also purchase the powerful, compact and portable 2x 3600 Lumen 3XML Video Light System for £677 (was ?757)for a limited time.

The 3XML video light (1x 3600 lumen) is also on a special offer for £297 (down from £329).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have these torches in stock?

Yes we do. On special offers subject to discount we regularly update our online stock and as the campaign is stock-dependent, any item out of stock will be removed until new stock is available.

What is the depth rating of LFM torches?

LFM torches (backup, bodies, canister, primary, heads and cables) are depth rated by manufacturer to 100 metres.

What is the LFM QA like?

Quality assurance works two ways in our own establishment. All LFM torches are tested against manufacturing faults after being produced and depth rated to the manufacturer’s advertised rating.

When any torch arrives to us for sale, whether LFM, Halcyon or another brand, we will test the torch on arrival, inspect it against any visible damage, ensure it is (a) charging (b) working (c) operable on all advertised power settings without a problem.

When an order is placed with us and a torch is being sent out for delivery, it will be subject to the same inspection and tests as stated above and the member or members of staff responsible for the testing and packaging will confirm the torch is in working condition with no damage on our copy of the sales invoice for future reference.

What warranty do the torches come with?
For warranties covering all dive torches used for recreational and technical diving activities, please check our Warranties Applicable to Underwater Torches section in the warranty policy page and read the exceptions carefully.

For Light for Me Products please read through the Light For Me Warranty Policy which includes how the manufacturer will deal with warranty and servicing issues. Light-for-me products are guaranteed against manufacturing and workmanship defects for 12 months from the original date of purchase – with the exception of batteries.

Please note both Halcyon and LFM, like many other manufacturers, offer only time limited warranty for batteries, battery packs and canisters. Halcyon warranty on batteries is valid for 90 days whereas LFM warranty against manufacturing fault is valid for 6 months. The reason for this is that batteries are perishable products that can be damaged in use or while charging. Non of the warranty terms stated affect your statutory rights.

How does LFM deal with servicing and warranty issues?


Light-For-Me is based in Poland therefore all warranty and servicing items need to be sent to the technical service centre in that country which takes time.

They are then queued at factory to be inspected, serviced and/or repaired. Where a non-warranty service is being carried out you will be quoted in advance for approval of the said cost and works.

LFM servicing quotes 30 (working) days for warranty and service issues to be handled but in practice this may take up to 8 to 10 full weeks.

If you have purchased an LFM product from us and it has developed an obvious manufacturing fault within its store warranty period we will expedite this process towards a speedy remedy, hopefully resolving your issue in a satisfactory way and then dealing with the manufacturer ourselves.

I bought an LFM torch from another outlet, can you deal with it?

No. Unfortunately we cannot.

Underwater Explorers | Dirdirect is not an LFM distributor. It is a Light For Me retailer and stockist. We can deal only with products that we have sold from our own inventory. Should a product you have purchased either from manufacturer or another sales outlet develop a fault or need repair, you need to contact the LFM Repair Centre directly and organise to send the item to Poland.

If you have made a payment to the manufacturer to purchase directly from factory or any other LFM outlet and the product has been delayed or not arrived, we cannot get involved as it is a separate business transaction.? However as part of online trading regulations you can cancel your current order with any other third party and subject to availability and stock, place a new order with us.

What are most common problems with canister lights?

In our experience selling canister/umbilical dive lights for over 20 years, the most common problem (if it can be called that) is a user forgetting there is a length of cord between the light head and canister, whereby the cord if not stowed properly can get caught and torn out from one side or both connections. This can lead to fatal flooding.

If any of the charge or light head connector ports are not properly connected, not properly maintained and lubricated (where required) or short circuited this can cause water ingress which could damage the light head and battery.

We also recommend that RCA port type charge connectors be plugged in prior to switching on the electricity to charger in order to avoid any possible short circuiting.

Manufacturing or workmanship faults are truly rare but may include a faulty board or cree which has passed the initial QA phase, a single or multiple case of faulty batteries and in some rare instances, a fault in the third party chargers or even rarer, a fault in a piezo switch.

Such defects are easier to identify here in the UK if/when we receive a torch and proportionately speaking, extremely rare.

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