A ‘one wing for all’ compromise or the best wing fit for purpose? Halcyon’s 2019 Double Down campaign adds value to your purchase with a FREE 40Lb Evolve twinset wing with every Eclipse, Infinity and Adventurer+ single tank system. *This offer is valid through 31 August 2019 while stocks last.

Halcyon Eclipse and Halcyon Evolve are synonymous with Quality. The 30/40 lb Halcyon Eclipse wing is made specifically to be used with single tanks, as a low profile, doughnut shaped back-mounted Buoyancy Compensator offering perfect in-water trim. Designed to be long and narrow in profile, the Eclipse supports a divers tank along its length preventing unnecessary drag and minimising in-water effort. The Eclipse Wing is the backbone of the Halcyon Eclipse, Halcyon Infinity and Halcyon Adventurer+ single tank wing systems.

While the 30/40 lb lift capacity may be sufficient for most twinsets, an Eclipse on any standard twinset will sandwich the bladder, blocking the flow or distribution of air in the cell, squeezing the bladder between the diver and twinset. Not an ideal solution and to most divers, a dangerous compromise.

Fortunately, fit for that purpose is the Halcyon Evolve wing which now, for a limited time and subject to availabe stock, comes free with any Eclipse, Infinity or Adventurer+ system.

Like the Eclipse, the 40 lb Evolve boasts a robust inner bladder protected by an abrasion and puncture resistant outer shell, but instead of the narrow long profile is more circular in design for correct air flow and distribution when married up to a backplate on a twinset. In that it is made specifically for twinset diving.

Halcyon Manufacturing has been making wings for two decades and is recognised throughout the world of recreational and technical diving as being the leading company in the field of “DIR Dive Systems”, one run by divers for divers.

The 2019 “double down” offer allows you, the diver, to use a wing fit for purpose, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding explorers, instead of an all-in-one compromise solution.

But don’t forget, stocks are limited even if the offer is valid through 31st of August 2019 so if you’re in for a wing, get two in one, simply transfer the backplate and harness from one to the other to dive a single tank or twinset system. 

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