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Underwater Explorers | DirDirect bring you only the very best products in diving. As a leading supplier of cutting edge diving products, we’re proud to be a Premium Dealer of SANTI Diving and a UK Santi Test Centre and Showroom.

Buying SANTI drysuits, undersuits, heating systems

You can find all of our SANTI diving products online. If you are diving out of Dorset, you can also drop into our physical store to check out and compare the range of undersuits and drysuits, or pick up any which one of the Santi heating systems.

Our competant SANTI staff can even measure you up to assist with any purchase. If you want a peace of mind and to be measured by us, simply give us a call on 01305824555 or drop us an email and we’ll organise a date and time for a one-to-one.

Our range of SANTI boots, undersuits and drysuits are in store to be used to find the correct measurement and size for any diver. SANTI drysuits are made to order according to measurements as explained on our SANTI drysuits page. Once we measure you (or you measure yourself at home) we take the details, list them and contact you for final confirmation prior to ordering production. At current (2022) production time for SANTI drysuits is 10 to 14 weeks.

We do keep a lot of SANTI heating system products and SANTI undersuits in stock but, due to global shortages and ongoing supply chain problems, you can always also drop us an email or ring us to do a stock check on anything you need.



Who are SANTI Diving?

If you’re new to SANTI, the brand is a guarantee of the highest quality and safety for those who want to go further in their diving experience, who seek the best protection and functionality.

Brand SANTI is synonymous to best quality drysuits, undersuits and heating systems on the market with a vast range of products you can see online in a single click.

Its founder Tomek Stachura is a diver with over 30 years experience, having started up the business in 2001 to provide fellow divers with the ultimate thermal protection – an innovative undersuit which soon became one of the most sought-after undersuits on the market. By 2004, with many other passionate divers and professionals joining in, the first SANTI drysuit was already being developed and extensively field tested: The whole concept being divers must stay dry, divers must stay warm on any dive.

Over the next decade SANTI’s quality was recognised world-wide, with its range of drysuits and undersuits as well as heating systems used by instructors, expedition divers and explorers under demanding conditions. The brand expanded through a dynamic development of a global distribution and dealership network. Making it natural for two of the worlds top manufacturers to eventually join forces.


“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.

In 2014 SANTI established close cooperation with HALCYON DIVE SYSTEMS, the world’s first and foremost “DIR” diving products company also created and run by divers for divers.

This cooperation was sealed in April 2016 with the acquisition by SANTI of a 20% stake in Halcyon. The binding business relationship thereon brought Halcyon and SANTI, global manufacturers of cutting edge equipment and apparel, the means to further develop their product range and thus create more added value for divers, delivering superior quality.

As of 2017 SANTI also became the main distributor and service centre for Halcyon Manufacturing products sold in the UK, exceeding our own expectations given we were the first ever Halcyon dealer in this country (since 2000) and have been awarded as Europe’s #1 Halcyon dealer for many years over. To us the best had finally come together!


Undersuits, thermal wear and heating systems with exceptional quality and functionality.

The first prototype of the BZ400 SANTI undersuit was born in 2001. Hundreds of test dives in many extreme environments and tens of changes and improvements were made before it was deemed ready. As result of listening to input from a vast pool of divers, the BZ400X, became a world leading product with SANTI’s range of Undersuits taking a top place in thermal wear .

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SANTI Diving is based in Poland with a network of world-wide distributors.