XDEEP dive gear rocks whether you’re diving sidemount or backmount, offering innovative quality without compromise alongside affordability.

So what’s so special about XDEEP, and why have we become a leading XDEEP dealer in the UK?

The answer would be evident to those who’ve known us for over two decades when we first set up our Underwater Explorers as a brick-and-mortar dive centre with a difference.

We’ve always invested in quality, long-lasting, and robust diving gear instead of focusing on repeat sales from the very start of our adventure in the diving industry.

As long as 23 years ago, we became the first (and for a long time only) dive school in the country to train even new divers in simple, safe, one-size-fits-all single tank wing systems instead of the traditional jacket-style BCDs. Renowned as the wing and long hose centre.

From the start, we chose to represent only reliable manufacturers producing robust, cutting-edge equipment in line with our ethos.

For us, what mattered most has always been safety, quality, durability, comfort, and innovation.

Unsurprisingly, as a relatively new company in the European Union compared to other industry-leading brands such as Halcyon Manufacturing, Dive Rite or OMS (Ocean Management Systems), XDEEP rightfully ticked all the boxes from day one — adding the essential ingredient of affordability to quality without compromise.

XDEEP Diving wings and bolt snaps

So, what’s so special about XDEEP for us?

There’s a reason we say XDEEP Dive Gear rocks.

Over the past years, XDEEP rapidly became a popular brand for recreational and hard-core technical divers worldwide and is renowned for being one of the most favoured sidemount brands with its STEALTH sidemount dive systems.

Using only the best materials sourced from Germany and the USA, but designed and built in Europe, XDEEP’s global promise is never to compromise on quality.

Whether you’re a single tank diver, twinset diver or sidemount diver, XDEEP will have a quality BC wing system that suits your needs, accompanied by a wide range of accessories, from pockets to harnesses, bolt snaps to double enders and even masks.

Simply put, XDEEP is a highly innovative dive gear manufacturer based in the European Union, using the best materials and components possible in their production.

It is also a popular brand because of its strong reputation for customer service, both directly and through its network of distributors, which is as important as quality for us.

Take XDEEP’s main product line of diving wings for instance.

Look below to see not just the quality of the material being used, but also the craftsmanship involved in producing that quality as a final product: 

XDEEP Wings Quality and Technology

XDEEP products are made from high-quality materials and components sourced primarily from Germany and the USA and designed to be durable and reliable, even in the harshest underwater environments. The quality of the material used is complemented by the cutting-edge production process. 


XDEEP is constantly innovating and introducing new products designed to improve the diving experience for backmount and sidemount divers.

XDEEP products are designed to be comfortable, even for long dives. They use ergonomic designs and high-quality materials to ensure divers can stay comfortable and focused underwater.

XDEEP products are generally more affordable than other high-end diving brands. This makes them a good option for budget-minded divers who still want to buy high-quality gear.

Here are some specific examples of XDEEP products that are popular with divers:

  • XDEEP Sidemount Systems: XDEEP is a pioneer in sidemount diving, and their sidemount systems are some of the most popular on the market. They are designed to be comfortable, efficient, and safe.
  • XDEEP Wings: XDEEP wings are known for their high quality and performance. They are made from durable materials designed to provide excellent buoyancy control.
  • XDEEP Accessories: From masks to bolt snaps, SMBs, double-enders, sliding D-rings, pockets, butt plates and more, XDEEP has a range of accessories to meet your needs.  

If you are looking for high-quality diving gear that is both innovative and affordable, then XDEEP is a great brand to consider.