22 January 2023


Why choose the Santi Heating Systems?

If you’re an avid diver whether recreational or technical, you know how important it is to stay warm underwater and even more important if your dive involves depth, longer run times and decompression. That’s why so many divers choose the Santi Diving Heating Systems.

Santi offers a variety of underwater heating systems designed to provide superior warmth and comfort while diving, so you can focus on the wonders of the deep without worrying about the cold.

In this review, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Santi Diving Heating Systems and why they’re the best way to stay warm underwater.

What are the benefits of using a Santi system?

First and foremost, Santi Diving is the world-leading manufacturer of heated diving products that have been vehemently tested and proven to be reliable and robust. Simply put, whether you get a vest or gloves, or a whole undersuit, they work out of the box.


 Whether you’re a technical diver, or a recreational one, having access to a reliable source of warmth underwater is essential, especially on longer dives in colder conditions.

With Santi’s heated vests and gloves, heated undersuits, and Santi batteries to power them up, you can be sure to stay warm during your dive.

When diving in cold water, it’s not just only about comfort but also that staying warm means safety as your body can regulate its temperature properly. Cold temperatures can cause cramps, hypothermia, decompression sickness or even death when not monitored properly.

With the proper heating system in place, you can stay underwater longer, allowing you to explore new depths with ease.

Overall, the Santi system provides divers with the necessary tools for a safe and comfortable dive in any type of water. With the right equipment, you can make sure your dives are always enjoyable and free from any risks associated with cold water.

How do Santi diving heating systems work?

Santi Diving heating systems are designed to provide divers with the utmost comfort underwater. In summary, the equation is:

Power + outer cable to the cable leading into the drysuit valve and internal cables connecting up to the heated undergarment. Simple.

Power: An external 6Ah Santi battery or 24Ah Santi battery (commonly referred to as Accu or Canister) with an E/O connector cable. Battery power and size depending on your needs.

Valve: Santi Drysuit Connector to be installed under your existing inlet valve or the Santi 303 Thermovalve to completely replace it. This will have an E/O connector cable on the outside to attach to power. Read the difference between a drysuit valve and a thermovalve.

Garment: Ranging from the Santi Heated Vest Flex 2.0 to Santi Heated Gloves the Santi Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Undersuitand the Santi BZ400 Extreme Heated Undersuit. Heated socks for diving are not yet available.

The systems are similar across the board with the only difference being the heated garment used.

What is the most popular Santi Diving Heating System?

The Santi Heated Vest Flex Combo Set is one of the most popular systems in the Santi range and is affordable too. The vest itself is so well made that even without power it will keep you warm. Meaning you can use it in parts of the dive where you need more thermal protection.

It is available as a Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Combo set that comes with a drysuit connector or a Santi Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Combo Plus set that comes with the 303 Thermovalve.

This system features a heated vest, along with a reliable 6Ah external battery to provide plenty of power for your dive. This battery can be used to power up to two items of heated clothing, such as the Santi heated vest and gloves together but the burn time will significantly be reduced.

Still, with this system, by controlling when you want the battery on and off, you can easily adjust the temperature of your garments to match the conditions of your dive, allowing you to stay warm and enjoy longer dives.

The next one up in increasing popularity is the Santi Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Undersuit which would require a 24Ah battery.

Choosing the right Santi Diving heating system for you

Like anything new, choosing the right Santi heating system for your needs can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to choosing the right system is to assess your diving requirements.

In order of popularity as much as flexibility, the available range in early 2023 consists of the Santi Heated Vest Flex 2.0Santi Heated GlovesSanti Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Undersuit and the Santi BZ400 Extreme Heated Undersuit


Keep Warm With Santi Diving Heating

Most divers who already have undersuits will start off with the Santi heated vest and if needed, complement it with heated gloves. But bear in mind, the more heating you need, the more power and burn time you need. That reflects on the size, power and of course, price of the battery.

While the Heated Vest Flex 2.0 might be the most popular and affordable option, covering a variety of conditions, longer bottom times and decompression diving may require different configurations or fully heated undersuits.

The type of undersuit you may already be wearing also plays a role in choosing the right Santi heating system. Depending on what kind of material it is made from, you may need additional heat retention.

It’s also important to take into account which part of your body feels colder during a dive. If you tend to feel colder around your core and chest area, then consider opting for a heated vest.

For those who experience coldness in their extremities such as hands or feet too, then an undersuit is likely the best choice.

Ultimately, it’s important to choose the Santi Diving heating system that best meets your individual needs.

What to Consider

Firstly, consider what type of diving you do and will be doing, together with the amount of time you spend underwater and, of course, how many dives you do in colder conditions. This applies to both recreational and technical divers.

If you’re an all-season frequent diver you’ll benefit from Santi heating systems

Other considerations are how long your average dive time is, how long your bottom time usually is and especially, how long (if any) your average decompression time is.

If your dives are usually short and shallow, you may not need a lot of heat-retaining power.

However, if you dive for extended periods and depths, then you will want a system that is strong enough to keep you warm.

As the leading Santi dive centre in the UK always well stocked and with worldwide delivery of Santi heating systems and accessories we are always here to help.