April Store Opening


 Hello everyone! We’re finally getting there with some more caution and patience that will have to remain in place until May 17.

But the good news is that as of April 16 Friday we will be opening the store as well as the cylinder fill station to visitors Friday through Sunday.

Friday | Saturday | Sunday
Store open 9am and 5pm
Cylinder fills 10am to 4pm

From the weekend of April 16-18 until the next step on May 17, cylinder filling and walk-in visits will be limited to those three days only, in the form of an extended 3-day weekend.

Due to space issues and to provide appropriate social distancing for shoppers, we will continue to request those requiring only cylinder fills to wait outside for an operator to complete their request. Equipment servicing bookings and pickups may also be finalised outdoors for staff safety as well as yours.

In a nutshell as of April 12 to May 17:

  • Store front 9am-5pm | Cylinder fills 10am-4pm only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • The gas station will remain closed Monday through Thursday
  • Shop visits for suit fittings and equipment purchases by appointment Monday through Thursday

For an appointment in advance of a visit where we can ensure a Covid secure environment and have staff present for your arrival, please call us on 01305 824 555 or send us an email on info@underwaterexplorers.co.uk .

Please read our Covid-Secure Measures prior to a visit:

– The 2 metre social distancing rule remains in place in store
– Visitors are required to continue to wear face coverings/masks inside
– Visits for only cylinder fill and servicing will be handled outdoors
– If you display any symptom or have been in contact with anyone else displaying  known Covid-19  symptoms, we request you cancel your visit

General Guidance for Visits:

The Store will be operating a “ring bell for entry” system as before to allow for required social distancing inside. At any given time a maximum of 6 visitors will be allowed into the centre for it to remain within Covid-secure arrangements due to limited floor space. Toilets and upstair facilities will remain closed. Visitors entering the premises will continue to be provided hand sanitiser on entry and exit. Store staff will continue to operate behind screens or wearing face masks.

The following poster will be visible outside as guidance for shoppers and those requiring cylinder fills:

UE Covid 19 Door Sign

Underwater Explorers is a Covid-secure workplace.

UE Covid Secure