Whether you simply want Shearwater reliability for day-to-day recreational diving with exceptional value or need a multi-gas nitrox and air computer with gauge mode… Immediately becoming our favourite computer for any type of is the Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer will give you all that and much more. That’s why we believe the Shearwater Peregrine rocks!…

You can use the Peregrine in so many modes that unless you’re planning on using Helium for deeper dives or diving a rebreather, it will cover all your open circuit needs.

And even if in the future you change your mind and go the Trimix or CCR route, its Gauge Mode will make it a perfect backup depth and time gauge on any challenging dive.

With its simple and intuitive layout, ease of use, thin casing, low profile and incredibly bright full-colour screen the Shearwater Peregrine is simply an amazing computer with no concessions and no real competition.

The Shearwater Peregrine looks and feels like the Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti technical dive computer but is far cheaper because it does not have trimix (helium) or closed circuit rebreather (CCR) modes which a majority of divers do not need.

What it has instead are the most essential functions of a singing and dancing dive computer:

  • Air (fixed 21% oxygen content)
  • Single gas Nitrox (i.e. 32, 36, 40% used throughout the dive)
  • 3 gas Nitrox (i.e. bottom gas, 1st and 2nd decompression gases at switch points)
  • Gauge Mode (depth, temp, timer etc.)

And its programmable vibration alerts mean you don’t have to be focused on monitoring a screen all the time but can focus on your dive instead.

For those of you who love to read features and specifications, this little gem has so many that it’s best to lay your hands on one and give it a go yourselves.

Underwater Explorers, the brick-and-mortar store behind DirDirect is an official Shearwater Demo Centre and show room so if you are in the area, drop in to see the units and how they feel and function. We always have plenty in stock.

But so as not to disappoint, here are some of the Shearwater Peregrine specifications that stand out:

  • Full-colour 2.2” LCD (display)
  • Rugged rubber bumper
  • Rated to 120m / 390ft
  • Air, Single-gas Nitrox, and multi-gas Nitrox modes
  • Simplified recreational diving modes
  • Full decompression support
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with gradient factors
  • No lockout for violating deco stops
  • CNS tracking
  • Quick No-deco limit (NDL) planner
  • Full decompression planner
  • Customisable vibration alerts
  • Programmable depth sampling rates
  • Bluetooth dive log uploading to Shearwater Cloud
  • Wireless charging