Shearwater Demo Centre UK

We are an official Shearwater Demo Centre

We’re happy to let our friends know that we’re not just well stocked up on Shearwater computers ranging from the Peregrine to the Teric but as of March 2021 we are also an authorised Shearwater Demo Centre.

This means we now have a limited number of units in addition to our full range of stock for visitors to inspect, play with and take out for a dive under our try-before-you-buy programme. As you’d expect, due to limited availability and the preparation required, any booking has to be made well in advance to take a Shearwater out for a dive..

Shearwater Demo Centre UK

With that said, we’re all aware it’s not really about diving and testing these outstanding computers, given they’ve all been vehemently used and tested in real life conditions from multi-level recreational dives to demanding cave and deep wreck explorations and there’s no doubt they excel in every way.

It’s about the touch-and-feel and being able see how the units work, play with those simple buttons that are the command centre and see those lovely bright colour screens in action 😁

Shearwater Computers in Stock

There is no doubt we are the best stocked dealer on the South Coast of Britain when it comes to a lot of cutting-edge equipment and our stock of Shearwater Computers as well as accessories doesn’t disappoint.

We get so many orders online that our automatic system replenishes stock every Monday and in the unlikely event an item may end up on backorder, delivery time from distributor to us is mostly overnight.

So, wherever you are in the world (and we supply a lot of computers globally) when you order a Shearwater product from us, you know you are in safe and knowledgable hands.