2022 Update: This product is now discontinued. Please visit our SANTI Drysuits Compared page for more information.

SANTI has a special offer to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. For four days only you can get any (stock size) Santi undersuit FREE with a Santi Silver Moon Drysuit order reflecting as a major discount on the suit price.

All orders have to be placed? between 19th-22nd July.? Don’t forget, the offer is for 4 DAYS ONLY and ends the evening of the 22nd.

All you need to do is select your Silver Moon online with the specifications you want. Then either in the notes section or via email, let us know which undersuit you want. You won’t be charged for that undersuit at all.


How long will it take to get my SANTI drysuit?

SANTI produces each dry suit individually whether it is a stock size or made-to-fit. Production generally takes between 6 to 8 weeks for most drysuits though you are advised to allow for 8-10 weeks (for any orders placed between 19-22 July) for the Silver Moon. Once we receive you order and re-confirm it with you (as below)? we are able to follow its progress online and give you an estimated delivery date when production begins.

Where do you ship to and from?

We ship SANTI drysuits, undersuits and heating systems world-wide with fast and secure courier delivery. While we hold a large stock of SANTI wear and heating systems, drysuits are made to order and manufactured in Poland. Once produced they arrive at our HQ and are inspected against the confirmed order before being re-packaged and dispatched to you. We dispatch within 24 hours after the suit arrives with us.

Stock size, made-to-fit or made-to-measure?

SANTI?provides?16 sizes of male and 12 sizes of female standard suits that fit most of standard, tall or short body silhouettes. As a SANTI Premium Centre we will first try to fit you into a stock size SANTI suit which is the most cost-effective option even if some minor modifications may be needed. Fortunately the Made-to-Fit option allows for up to 4 changes to be made from 2cm to a maximum of 5cm to any stock size measurement free of charge. If, however, a stock size with minor modifications does not provide the ideal fit which suits you, we can measure you up for a made-to-measure suit for any SANTI model. SANTI made-to-measure suits are cut specifically taking into account up to 24 body measurement points.

What's the best fit - How do I measure myself?
Trilaminate dry suits with front zippers and telescopic torsos offer far greater flexibility and mobility compared to neoprene drysuits or standard drysuits with back-zips. When measuring up for your dry suit it’s worth taking into account that the suit needs to be comfortable without any hindrance to movement during a dive.? It should? enable completion of all? necessary movements of a divers arms and legs ? specifically ensuring the legs move freely in vertical, horizontal position? and when knees are bent (i.e. entering a boat, exiting water etc.) Arms should be long enough not to restrict hands reaching the back/valves. With that said, the same suit? should not be too large either and avoid bulky legs. Finally, all these need to work with the thickest undersuit you will eventually be wearing…? Santi stock size table can be found in the SANTI Drysuit charts For Men and For Ladies.
Do I order online or in-store?

You can order in-store where we can measure you or online via DirDirect by using the sizing form with detailed instructions for measurement. Our SANTI fitting days at Underwater Explorers are Friday through Tuesday but please still call in advance to ensure a qualified member of staff is expecting you. A fitting session can take 1-2 hours, so allow yourself some time to spend with us.

Whether? you order online or we measure you up, we will not proceed with your order until every measurement and specification is clarified and confirmed. You will receive in writing exactly what the drysuit order consists of, including detailed sizing and/or modifications for your final approval before the order is processed for SANTI to start production.

What happens if/when I order online?

To order a SANTI drysuit online from us you use the product options windows to make your selections prior to checkout. Once you decide on the product options and check out you receive a confirmation that your order/payment has been received. We will then carefully go through the order and correspond with you on any extra information required while clarifying possible modifications. Once that stage is completed, usually within 24 hours, we will prepare an order confirmation stating all the details of your order to proceed and for SANTI to start production of your suit. * Please note: All measurements should be taken in cm / The person who takes the self-measurements takes full responsibility for their result and potential discrepancies. If you need assistance with measurements, feel free to contact us any day or drop in for a free SANTI fitting session Friday through Tuesday (including weekends/Bank Holidays).

How do I pay for my suit?

If you order online with your own measurements the payment in whole is taken in advance and processed through a secure payment gateway. If you come in store for a fitting session with us (see above), we will charge 50% of the total price once you approve the order with the rest payable on suit delivery. While we have no direct financing facilities, if you have a PayPal account you can use PayPal credit at checkout with 4 months interest free credit to spread the cost of your suit.

Can I return a drysuit after production?

As stated in our Returns Policy the statutory cooling off period does not apply to “any goods made to order, tailor-made or clearly personalised (including but not limited to drysuits, wetsuits, undersuits” as these are non-stock items obtained on special order. In the unlikely event there is any fault with your drysuit on arrival, this will obviously be addressed and corrected as fast as possible.

If there is a sizing issue:

  1. If we have measured you in store and processed the order according to those measurements, we will bear the cost of any post-production adjustments required.
  2. If you have ordered online and have a sizing issue with the drysuit delivered, we will arrange for the suit to be collected and returned to the manufacturer at cost you will bear and organise for the adjustments to be made before it is returned to you.

* Please bear in mind that suits need to be measured taking into account any thermal undersuit you will be using on your dives and the necessity of mobility especially in the knees and shoulder/elbows. A proper fitting dry suit should allow for knees to be bent without restriction when frog-kicking in horizontal? position and let a diver reach his/her valves for shutdowns with minimum effort.


The Santi Silver Moon Drysuit is a limited edition drysuit celebrating The 50th Anniversary of the First Man on the Moon. The suit is based on the lightweight Santi E.Motion and heavier E.Lite providing a balance between durability and lightness.

The two fabrics are used to maximum efficiency: Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m2 and Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 g/m2 (on elbows, crotch/bottom area, knees, lower front of the legs). Not only does it look great but it is also extremely comfortable and dries quickly. This suit is only available in limited numbers.

  • The suit is available in both mens and ladies sizes as well as made to measure.
  • Total weight: 3.4 kg
  • Fabrics: Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m2 and Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 g/m2 (elbows, crotch/bottom area, knees, lower front of the legs)
  • Reflective silver tape on the sleeve
  • Front aquaseal zip covered by an additional zip-fastened flap
  • Telescopic torso
  • E.Lite+ 11mm hood
  • Neck seal made of latex insulated by 3 mm neoprene collar
  • Flexsole boots
  • Apeks or SiTech inlet valve
  • Choice of outlet valve
  • Two spacious utilities pockets with elastic bungee loops and pocket for wet notes
  • The right pocket with zip-fastened flap with a small pocket for double ender clip
    SANTI SmartSeals ring system for easy seals exchange
  • Inside suspenders with handy pocket
  • Medium pressure hose 75cm long
  • STAY DRY travel bag
  • Silver Moon T-shirt