The Santi Heated Vest Flex 2.0 is definitely worth the money for cold or longer exposure dives – especially for those diving in the 30m-60m range or deeper. It’s a more flexible and lighter option than the whole-body Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit and requires less power to run.

The Heated Vest Flex 2.0 is for those who seek the highest level of comfort during long and cold dives and has been carefully designed to provide the highest level of functionality and safety.

Thanks to the fabrics used, the vest provides thermal comfort even when a battery is not in use, meaning it can be worn as a layer for thermal protection with power off for the start of a dive, and then powered up for when more warmth is required.

The vest is powered by an external battery with a cable running through a purpose-built suit inflation valve (which comes in two types). It is not made to be used under wetsuits. In order to make longer use of the heat provided we advise wearing it over a thin long-sleeve thermal base layer and under a thinsulate which allows the heat to spread evenly with little escape.

The Flex 2.0 Heating Vest, has been designed as part of the Santi heating system which currently consists of such items as the heavier and less flexible Santi Heated BZ400 Undersuit, Santi’s popular Heated Gloves and as mentioned above, needs to used together with a purpose-built Drysuit Connector or Thermovalve 303. It is then powered through the valve by an external (6Ah or 24Ah) Santi battery.

Made of very flexible Climashield insulation fabric with a weight of 180g/m2, it consists of three layers – breathable Climashield Contour insulation covered with two protective layers made of polyester from the inside and outside. The external layer has also windproof properties.

The newest version of the Santi heating vest, thanks to new, non-quilted fabric quality provides more warmth towards the body. It generates better thermal properties and keeps the heat trapped closer to the body for longer.

The sides and crotch strap feature wide elastic bands to allow the best adjustments.

You can purchase the Santi Heated Vest Flex from us in 3 different combinations. If you already have the battery and drysuit connector or thermovalve, the obvious choice would be to get the Heated Vest Flex 2.0 on its own. It’s affordable enough and comes with its internal cabling.

If you need to get the whole set you have two options: The Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Combo set which comes with an external 6Ah battery that has an on-off switch and drysuit connector to mount under your current drysuit inflator valve or the Heated Vest Flex 2.0 Combo Plus set which also comes with the same Santi 6Ah battery but instead of a connector to fit under your existing valve, completely replaces it with a 303º low profile thermovalve.

Want to know the difference? Check out our review: SANTI Thermovalve or Drysuit Connector?

Whichever your choice, for shorter dives, temperate waters, the summer season, the drysuit connector or thermovalve can be removed to use your drysuit without the heated vest until it’s needed.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Handy pocket for the power cord
  • P-valve hose opening
  • Wires covered with ultra-soft silicone isolation resistant to breaking
  • Power cable is resistant to high temperatures and cuts
  • The power cable is hidden in a handy pocket
  • Ergonomic nesting and wires layout inside
  • Weight: 180g/m2, isolation: 0.96 CLO
  • Maximum heating temperature: 45ºC
  • Maximum heating power: 55W
  • Safety switch preventing overheating and too strong current
  • Use with appropriate battery source only and never over 12V
  • Batteries and connectors must be purchased separately

Please note that to operate the Santi Heating system a Santi Drysuit Connector or Thermovalve is required.