The Santi heating system 6Ah Battery is small, ergonomic and extremely light at under 700gr, making it a compact solution for dives with dive times in the range of 60 to 90 minutes and global travel.

Although the 6Ah battery can be used to power both the Santi Heated Vest and heated Gloves at the same time, when both components are connected, the operating time will be under 1 hour. With that said, given the vest is what is used most for those kinds of dives, 6Ah is more than sufficient enough to power a vest up for 1.2 to 1.5 hours.

Besides, it doesn’t come with the weight or bulk (as well as possible travel issues) of its more powerful sibling, the Santi 24Ah battery.

Based on modern Lithium-Ion batteries, you can connect elements with a total power of up to 100W to the Santi heating system 6Ah battery. The illuminated E/O cord connector of the battery makes you always know whether it is enabled or not. It is controlled by a piezo switch and the canister has its integrated belt loop.

At a height of just under 12cm and a diameter of 7.4cm, the 6Ah battery sits so well and out of the way against a backplate you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

To power up your Santi heated vest or heated gloves you’ll need to either use Santi Diving’s drysuit connector or the Santi 303 thermovalve – you can read a full comparison of the two systems depicted below by clicking here.

Going by the feedback we have received over the years, users either utilise the 6Ah battery on its own or even accompany it with another battery to power up their umbilical primary torch. We have a number of technical dive lights in stock that can be used on their own or alongside this low-profile, low-bulk 6Ah battery.

SANTI Heating Systems Explained