OrcaTorch D630 & DivePro CL4200 – Affordable Quality

We’re happy to have introduced two new umbilical/canister torches to our select repertoire of underwater lighting systems. The DivePro CL4200 and (in particular) the OrcaTorch D630 impressed us so much, we’ve added them to our handpicked stock of primary dive torches for you to see in store as well as order online with free UK mainland delivery.

Whether you backmount, sidemount, OC or CCR, or switch between configurations, these robust and multifunctional torches will do the job with a powerful 4000 to 4200 lumens combined output of spot and flood light as well as cable angles adjusted to 90 and 180 degrees. And so far as primary caniter light prices go, they don’t cost an arm and a leg!..


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4000 Max Lumens
7º Focus Beam w/floodlight
5Hr High Power Burn Time
Titanium Alloy Switch w/Charge Indicator
Ajustable Goodman Handle
150m Depth Rated

DIVEPRO CL4200 (B or S)
4200 Max Lumens
6º Spot Beam w/floodlight
3.5Hr High Power Burn Time
316 SS Switch w/Charge indicator
Ajustable Goodman Handle (soft & hard)
100m Depth Rated

The DivePro CL4200

We’ll start off with the powerful DivePro CL4200 technical dive torch which has a 6º spotlight beam surrounded by a 60º floodlight and puts out 4200 lumens of cold white light at its high power setting with 3.5 hours of burn time. The burn time can be increased to a whopping 6.5 hours on its 2000 lumens low power setting of warm white light for conditions where a brilliant beam is not required.

With a depth rating of 100 metres, the torch is operated by a 316 stainless steel push button switch that also acts as a battery charge indicator and controller for its stepless dimming operating modes that include an SOS quick flash (which can be circumvented).

Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium and equipped with a powerful CREE XHP70.2 single LED the CL4200 comes in two different cable designs; the CL4200B with standard straight cable on strain relief coming out of the canister and the CL4200S with a 90º cable angle at battery end specifically made for sidemount divers.

Sidemount TorchWith free UK mainland delivery the CL4200 arrives in a purpose-made hard box with handle and foam pockets for safe transport and the system price includes charger, adapter plugs, adjustable goodman handle and even a flexible glove-type soft goodman handle.

It is worth to note that not only does this torch meet the requirements of underwater signalling with powerful illumination but it is distributed in the UK by one of our main suppliers, Nautilus Diving, who are also the main distributor of other leading brands in technical diving including xDeep, Analox, Ammonite lights and SUEX scooters.

Meaning of course that any and all service/warranty issues have serious customer service backing.

The OrcaTorch D630

The second torch we’re introducing with the backing of the network and reliable customer service of its UK distributor Sea & Sea is the OrcaTorch D630 canister torch which is unlike any previous OrcaTorch you may have come across, because it’s even more perfect in every way. To be honest, it is our favourite among the two for its size, functionality, reliability and cable mobility.

The smaller light head and battery canister of the OrcaTorch D630 makes it a great canister dive light for all kinds of technical diving with a 7º spotlight and 46º floodlight beam and a maximum output of 4,000 lumens supplied by an 89Wh battery pack providing up to 5 hours of burn time in its brightest mode.

The so-called super focus spot beam itself appears to be slightly wider than that of the DivePro CL4200 due likely to its 5 not 1 Cree LEDs (it may well get tighter in future models) but with long hours of burn time on its lowest power setting and incredibly low profile/weight it is bound to be among the front-runners at its current price point which makes it an affordable investment.

Once again we see the now popular push switch with surrounding battery charge indicator come into play with the OrcaTorch head, made out of a quiet robust titanium alloy material and design with integrated lock feature.

The OrcaTorch D630 offers three modes of power and of course that customary SOS mode that seems so popular in dive torches these days.

Adjustable Goodman HandleWhere the OrcaTorch D630 differs from most others isn’t just its portability, low profile and burn time (which exceeds many!) but its adjustable cable angle which allows divers to screw down the cable strain relief on the battery canister in either 90º or 180º angles — addressing different configurations and? behold? a removable battery pack which can used on the surface as a power bank for mobile phones and tablets too. With that said DivePro also has a canister with adjustable cable angles.

Manufacturer specs put the OrcaTorch D630 depth rating at 150 metres with its aircraft grade high strength aluminium alloy body boasting the latest diamond grade hard-anodized seawater corrosion-resistant finish.

Its nifty hard goodman handle is fully adjustable and (too) much like the Halcyon Flare/Focus series where it also folds back onto the reflector for safe transport.


The Orca and DivePro are fairly new torches in the UK market and haven’t yet had time for a more extensive user experience underwater to identify any shortfallings or areas of improvement. But both are promising products based on manufacturer specifications and initial observations.

Finding robust torches provided by reliable UK-based distributors in the £500 price range (give or take) is never an easy task and when seeking out new products we always consider their use in UK-type diving conditions where spot and flood beams are important for signalling as well as the right amount of illumination.

With latest technology LEDs and LiOn battery packs allowing lower profile shells and greater pressure resistance, we look at the material torches are made out of, manufacturer depth rating, whether they can be used in different configurations, the reliability of their circuitry, switches and LEDs as well as after-support offered by distributors and reliability of warranty.

Each of these torches have powerful yet small battery canisters that can be easily charged when the battery cap is removed, press-type switches to control and switch between light modes, visible battery charge indicators, impressively long run times, a tighter spotlight/focus beam with a wider surrounding floodlight and come in purpose-made hard boxes for safe transport.**

Light Angles

Despite our own dive torch experience being heavily influenced by the far more expensive extreme tight beam of past High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs and the equally strong pinch and punch of the Halcyon Focus 2.0 torch (which currently retails for over £1200) this gentle ‘floodlight’ surrounding a spotlight/focus beam is actually a quite pleasant feature on both of these torches.

The beam meets the requirement of underwater signalling, gives a spotlight view of any target yet allows for a broader perspective without too much backscatter.

The canister and light head of the DivePro CL4200 torch is slightly larger than that of the OrcaTorch D630 but both are low profile for the power and burn time they offer and are torches well worth looking into if you?re after an affordable technical diving umbilical torch without the bulk, which can be used with various equipment configurations in OC as well as CCR diving.

If you are looking for a canister torch with stronger, tighter or wider beam, and/or one that has been tested and tried extensively in the field with a track record, you can always check out our online selection of primary dive lights covering a select range of dive lights from halcyon to Light-For-Me and Finnsub (nothing to do with Finland or submarines!).

** Both the “aluminium look” hard box that comes with the DivePro and the box that contains the OrcaTorch are classed as transport boxes and disposable items not subject on their own to any warranty.


Unboxing the D630 and CL4200