Dive Kit Hire

Over the past two years we have had to reduce the variety of items we hire out from Underwater Explorers.

We no longer offer wet or Ursuit  dry suits for hire.

During the 2024 dive season we will unfortunately not be able to hire out any regulator sets.


Booking and Cancellations: A booking is made once the equipment being rented is paid for in full by phone. We have a 7 day cancellation period for any rentals (excluding gas fills) whereby if you let us know a minimum of 7 days before “check out” date, we will issue a full refund. Refunds will not be issued for late cancellations.

If a cylinder booking requires any gas fill other than air, the listed price of nitrox and/or trimix will be charged in advance and is non-refundable. Our current gas fill prices are listed on our Gas Price Page.


Air Cylinder (12L) £13
Nitrox Cylinder (15L) £15 + fill
Stage Cylinder (7L, 80cf) £15 + fill
Twin Sets (12L) £22 + fill
WINGS £/day
Halcyon Eclipse single wing system £25
Halcyon Evolve twinset wing system £25
LIGHTS £/day
Halcyon Focus umbilical light £35
Halcyon Flare umbilical light £35
OrcaTorch umbilical light £35
Uwatec Digital Timer £15
Compass £11
Fins £12
Weight Belt and Weights £18
V-weights, Tail weights £15