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As the major league kicks off with top players mounting their summer campaigns, we bring you the best deals from the two top manufacturers of regulators – both now offering a free octopus and hose with select sets.

Scubapro Apeks DealerIf you’re one of those divers conditioned by manufacturers to wait for the deal of the year, that time is definitely now.

Both Apeks and Scubapro, two of the top regulator manufacturers in the world, once again have time limited campaigns on select single tank regulator sets where the octopus (and hose) come free, reflecting savings of over £150. 

At current if you buy an Apeks XTX regulator set you will get the XTX40 octopus at no extra cost and if you favour the MTX-R instead, an MTX-R octopus comes equally free. As a leading UK Apeks dealer we’ll get it to you as fast as possible.

What’s great about the Apeks campaign is that it’s all the way until the 30th of September 2019, through the whole summer while stocks last, ending barely a month before the NEC Dive Show (if you were intent on waiting that long for a deal).

With that said, Apeks launched this years free octopus offer on June 24, a touch later than ScubaPro’s own free octopus offer which is well into its second month. As a top Scupapro centre we’ve already made a lot of divers happy with this offer both in-store and online.

The good news is that if you are a ScubaPro fan (we do love both brands!) and missed out so far, this offer has now been extended to 31st of July due to popular demand.

The deals are simple from both manufacturers. What’s available is easy enough to list and you can see all the specifications and prices and/or order online:

On the Apeks front the free octopus is available on all Apeks XTX and MTX-R regulators except TEK3 and TEK3 set, ATX40 and MTX-R and XTX50 side mount sets, which covers the popular models XTX50 and XTX200.

On the ScubaPro front we have the free R195 octopus offer with the G260, S600 and S620Ti second stages married up either with a diaphragm MK17 Evo or a piston MK25 Evo first stage.

Do please note though these configurations on offer are standard hose lengths with colour coded regulators. The primary regulator will have a black face on a 29-30 inch black hose and the “octopus” will have a yellow face on a 40 inch yellow hose.

For those of you looking for ‘DIR’ long hose configurations with black primary and backup regulators on a single tank setup, our preferred choice of rigging, we also have (and will always continue to have) complete Halcyon, Apeks and Scubapro DIR sets ready to go with various 1st and 2nd stage options.

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