SHOP OPEN Friday to Sunday 9-17
CYLINDER FILLS Friday to Sunday 10-16 only


by prior appointment only | No mid-week fills


Due to the current situation there will be no fills outside of these hours. The compressor/gas station is closed on all other days. The store front is closed to the public Monday through Thursday unless by prior appointment for equipment purchases and suit fittings. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these difficult times.

Working in the “New Normal”

August 2020 Store Opening Hours Update

Our Covid-secure measures have been working perfectly and thanks to your understanding, support and cooperation we are able to get back to some form of normality at this stage of the pandemic.

While we continue to work 7 days a week to ensure safe home deliveries world-wide from our online shop we are pleased to be able to continue to keep the store front open to visitors throughout August three days a week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm.

On those days only we also offer cylinder fills (up to 232 bar)  between 10am and 4pm, all while maintaining social distancing as part of our Outdoor Services.

We are sorry but until further notice we are not able to provide  air/nitrox/trimix fills mid-week (Monday through Thursday) or outside of these stated hours. The compressor will not be running on those days.

The store front will also remain closed to visitors Monday through Thursday unless arrangements are made by prior appointment (email or phone) for any equipment purchases and suit fittings. Appointments are given in time slots to avoid congestion and for mutual safety. If you need any fills during your appointment, please let us know in advance and we will do our best.

As we are a central point of contact for divers arriving from various parts of the country, we are trying to implement the following procedures to ensure your safety as well as the safety of staff during this pandemic. Please help us in doing so to avoid any future ‘wave’ or lockdown that would affect the whole of the diving industry.

Please note Underwater Explorers is a mandatory Face Covering Zone


 Outdoor Services (Cylinder Fills)


  • Wait outside
  • Respect social distancing
  • Avoid obstructing shop entrance

Once you arrive and park up please:
Keep your cylinders in the car to avoid congestion if possible
If they are to be filled, remove all equipment from cylinders
Ring bell and wait outside for attendance
Pay by card and receive fill ticket
Place ticket on tank(s)
Bring cylinders to drop-off point as guided
Wait outside or in car during fill
(Unless any indoor services are required)
Pick up fills at collection point when completed
(If Gas Fill: Analyse, sign and date checkout form)

Indoor Services (Sales, Suit Fittings, Servicing & Hire)


  • Avoid congestion at door
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Do not enter until asked in

Once you arrive and park up please:
Ring bell and wait to be asked in
Inform us at door if you also need fills during your shopping
(A member of staff will organise for your fill and open a tab)
Wear a face covering as soon as you enter
Use hand sanitiser
Wear provided gloves if required by staff
Retain social distancing at all times and follow any signs
Avoid unnecessary handling of items
Comply with guidance on not touching certain items


Why we’re doing what

After carefully considering government guidance  and scientific advice, we’ve concluded we can continue to safely serve visiting divers without defaulting on the indoor 2m social distancing rule during store opening hours with mitigating measures for situations where that distance may have to reduced.

As always we continue our global deliveries via our online shop every day.

You’ll all appreciate that in the period ahead we have to minimise the number of people in and around the premises at any one time while restricting access to certain indoor areas for mutual safety and to meet covid-secure requirements. This means taking steps to avoid congestion in front of the premises as well as limiting the number of customers inside the store at any one time – and even limiting number of staff on site to enable a safe working environment.

In a nutshell, to make this work, we’re having to ask divers who only need cylinder fills to follow our outdoor procedures and continue to wait outside, at social distancing or in their parked cars. (Due to limited indoor floor space and need of social distancing, we will also be providing cylinder fills those days but as an outdoor service  – running the gas station separate to the retail store.)

This separation of services will allow a safe number of shoppers to be in the store at the same time while those only wanting air or gas fills can be served outside in an equally safe (and distanced) manner. If a store customer requires a fill, this will be organised by a member of staff during his/her shopping experience.

This will then enable fellow divers who need to purchase equipment, get kit advice, servicing and suit fitting etc. to gain safe and socially distanced access to the store area.

Needless to say, we will be observing social distancing in all interactions with visitors, hand sanitisers will be available to visitors,  disinfectants will be in continuous use, staff will wear face shielding and/or gloves for any closer contact or servicing, customers will be provided with disposable gloves and masks where required, the till will be shielded with perplex at all times and entry-exit to the store will be regulated for safety. For 2020 current air and gas prices check out our Gas Fill pages and please note we can no longer do 300 bar fills.

* Please note that in any instance the changing room, toilet facilities, compressor area and upstairs will remain closed to all visitors until further notice and there will be no indoor sitting available.