Covid-19 Update 2 – 20 March 2020

As stated in our March 13 Coronavirus Update we’d already implemented a number of measures to safeguard staff and visitors prior to the government’s new suppression policy (https://tinyurl.com/uecv19update1).

Cov19We’re in an advantageous situation where each of us live only within a couple of minutes of driving distance to the Centre, allowing us to remain open with minimum outdoor exposure and/or contact.

But of course we are taking measures like everyone inclusive of avoiding non essential travel as advised by the government.

The Centre is currently (as of March 20) OPEN every day 9 to 5, we are answering phone calls and emails, processing and dispatching orders as before. Please note however that there may be slight delays in delivery due to measures imposed by courier companies.

We continue to invite all visitors to use available hand sanitisers on arrival while keeping a safe distance if possible and not mind us not shaking hands and keeping a distance.

There is also access to the hand basin and soap/sanitiser for visitors.