Covid-19 Update | 13 March 2020

We are receiving some enquiries on product availability in the short and long term. As most of you know, we are always well stocked and do our best to stock up months in advance with or without a crisis around the corner.

In view of the current pandemic, we do not anticipate any immediate shortages of our most popular products and dive systems, although there is the possibility of future delays in renewing some supplies over the short term. Much of that depends on the measures imposed in countries where critical components and materials are produced and any further limitations that may be imposed on travel and trade.

It’s no secret that the supply chain from China and neighbouring countries is disrupted and this has already reflected on some products where UK stocks have run out. In most cases this is due to lockdowns delaying production and exports. We suspect a similar situation may happen in Italy too.

Where and when such products are not available from UK distributors or directly from source, we are temporarily removing them from being publicly displayed on our online store or referring to 4-5 week delivery times until we ourselves get confirmation as to when they will be available.

In-store, other than stockpiling essential diving products over the past weeks, we have also taken steps to ensure a safer working environment to allow us to receive and process orders 7 days a week as usual.

We are well aware of required defensive measures, from frequent hand washing, the use of sanitisers, to minimising physical contact and distance with our visitors. All staff have also been briefed to self isolate if required, according to current guidelines.

If the pandemic reaches a peak within a fortnight as expected and Dorset is equally affected, we may impose temporary visit restrictions. But of course we wish to avoid this with visitors taking equally responsible measures.

At current visitors have full access to the handbasin and sanitising soap upstairs at start and end of their visit and hand sanitisers for customer use are available on the till. This is especially important for visitors who frequently travel to affected countries.

As required we will notify and update you on any new measures we might have to introduce. Our best wishes go to those affected by the outbreak and like you, we hope this crisis will be over soon. Stay safe, enjoy the underwater world!