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Portland Boat Diving

Portland has long been a divers paradise for boat diving to local as well as deeper Channel wrecks, drifts and reefs. The island’s dive boat fleet operates out of two locations: Portland Marina and Castletown, each only minutes away from Underwater Explorers.

Operators of Portland dive boats offer daily shuttles to popular dive sites for individuals and buddy pairs as well as day charters where you can book the whole boat for a day or more. Depths of sites visited from Portland address all levels of experience ranging from 10 to 60+ metres. There are a vast amount of wrecks easily accessible from Portland as well as some wonderful underwater nature trails and drift dives. Portland harbour itself allows for sheltered diving in almost all conditions but for serious storms.


Skin Deep

Portland Marina. Hard Boat (catamaran) with lift. Shuttles and Charters.

Skin Deeper Dive Boat Portland

Skin Deeper

Portland Marina. Hard Boat (catamaran) with lift. Shuttles and Charters. 

Scimitar Diving

Portland Marina. Hard Boat with lift. Shuttles and Charters. 

Waverider Dive Boat Portland


Portland Marina. Hard Boat (catamaran) with lift. Shuttles and Charters.

Sea Leopard

Portland Marina. 11m hardhat (catamaran) with Lift. Shuttles and Charters.

Dive Beyond

Castletown. Dive shuttles on rib. On-site cafe, accommodation and fills. 

Portland Marina is just around the corner from Underwater Explorers and hosts diving hard boats offering dive shuttles, day and weekend charters. The daily in-and-out trips to a multitude of dive sites both in and outside of Portland Harbour are provided for by hard boat operators at the Marina as well as RIB operators in Castletown. On a shuttle day boats may go out up to 4 times, bringing you back to shore in between dives, giving you the chance to decide on what dives you want to do: You can book for all or any of the dives going out – or just do one dive if you like. Fees are paid per person on a per-trip basis directly to boat operators (we have no affiliation) and generally depend on the distance of dive sites to Portland harbour.

Portland dive shuttles are ideal for individuals, small groups and schools whether you are diving weekends or week days. Day trips are generally a two-dive day out at sea, where the boat leaves in the morning and returns late afternoon. All dives outside of the harbour sites are tide-dependent and boats will depart at advertised ropes off times in order to catch slack so early arrival is strongly advised.

Scenic Dives & Picturesque Trips

With its hard boat Waverider, Jurassic Aquasports has brought a niche twist to Portland’s local shuttle and charter scene, focusing mostly on pleasant, scenic, picturesque dive sites as well as wildlife-watching trips.

Whether as a diver you want to explore harbour wrecks or enjoy local reefs, visit sea caves or go out for some rewarding scalloping on an exciting drift, Waverider has a schedule and dive site that suits every level.

Based at Portland Marina, this hard boat is a Blyth 33 Catamaran which is MCA-coded Cat 2 for up to 12 passengers plus crew, which makes it an ideal stable platform in most weather conditions.

It’s a great platform not just for divers, but also for bird and wildlife watching, inspiring artists and photographers visiting the area offering scenic tours and charters alongside dive trips.

Waverider Dive Boat Portland

Portland Marina

Check out the hard boats listed above, contact them directly. Whether you need to charter for a day or more, need to hop on a dive shuttle or need a reliable platform for an expedition, you can trust the Portland Dive Boat fleet.

Minimum numbers tend to vary by season, day of the week and advanced bookings. However, most hard boats will commit to go out with a minimum of 6 passengers and sometimes even 4 if conditions are favourable mid week, so it’s always worth contacting the skippers directly. If you are a club and can’t make up the numbers to charter a boat, skippers may take smaller group bookings and advertise the trip to get more divers on board.

If you don’t have a buddy, contact the skipper as some may allow you to dive within your limits or buddy you up depending on the site. 

Castletown Jetty

For weekend or week day diving shuttles visit Dive Beyond for rib diving from Castletown, Portland (just down the road and right on the seaside with their own jetty).

Dive Beyond is also Portland’s only dive school with a store front offering PADI and SSI training.  They can often also cater for buddy pairs, single divers who require buddies and welcome divers who are doing their first UK or boat dives.

When you come back from a dive, or in between shuttles, both the Marina and Castletown offer various facilities ranging from toilets to on-site cafe, showers and rinsing stations. You can even stay on site at Hotel Aqua and take the trouble (and travel) out of your diving.

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