This review looks at the best single tank wing systems in 2023.

We focus only on single tank systems based on wings with an inner bladder and an outer shell: Because this reliable double-layer construction gives abrasion and puncture resistance, withstanding the harshest conditions.

Our most popular single tank wing systems are:

Best Single Tank Wings Systems 2023

Common features of our best Single Tank Wing Systems

Before examining the differences between these best single tank wing systems, we’ll briefly discuss their commonalities.

All the wings listed above come with either Stainless Steel or Aluminium backplates. The harness webbing used is made from industry-standard 2-inch-wide webbing.

All the wing systems have shoulder D-rings held in place with tri glides and at least one waist D-ring.

They also all have adjustable crotch straps with front and rear D-rings. As you may know, a well-adjusted crotch strap acts like an anchor, keeping the backplate and wing stable on a diver’s back at all dive stages and above the water.

Dump valves on these wings are in the standard “kidney” position, facing the diver’s back on the left-hand side. Other than the flat Aqualung valve used by Apeks, all are conventional dump valves allowing easy field servicing.

Except for the Zeos Deluxe, which has BCD-type shoulder buckles, the harnesses on the backplates are DIR-style continuous-loop, meaning they have no breakpoints or clips.

Not having a breakpoint is considered additional safety, but the harness must be well adjusted for the diver to don and off easily – another topic.

Single Tank Wing Systems

Finally, all the wings covered here, but for the OMS Smartstream with a shoulder pull dump, have 90-degree elbows on the corrugated hose, reducing the possibility of failure.

Although each wing we review is as robust as the other, with similar if not identical functionality, there are differences in shape, design and the materials used. Not to mention significant price differences.

Whichever wing you choose, you will certainly not go wrong with the webbing and the steel or aluminium hardware that completes these durable “systems” that should last you for many years.

All the wing systems covered in this review are quality products by leading manufacturers in the industry, regardless of the price differences.

If you’re on a budget for a first wing or if you’re simply looking to have a simple single tank wing system aside from an existing twinset system, the Xdeep Zeos or Xdeep Zeos Deluxe are the most affordable systems in our arsenal without compromising in quality.

So, let’s get to the point and look at these wings.

XDeep Zeos Wings – Value for Money

There are two wings in XDeep’s Zeos line-up: The Zeos Standard and the Zeos Deluxe

The wings and backplates used in both systems and the hardware are identical, but the Deluxe version has two pairs of pinch-buckles on either shoulder strap for easy donning and doffing.

The standard Zeos uses a DIR-style continuous loop harness that has no break points for extra safety but will not allow for on-the-fly adjustments.   

Instead of a single piece of webbing threaded through the backplate, the webbing of the Deluxe is actually made up of four parts, two for the top of the backplate and two for the bottom. 

The Deluxe also has extra mesh padding on the back and shoulder straps, providing diver comfort and protection for a divers’ suit. (You can buy the padding separately and use it on the standard version Zeos).

Xdeep Zeos Compared

This review won’t discuss the pros and cons of continuous loop versus breakpoint harness systems.

But if you’re not a continuous loop harness fan and want buckles and shoulder clips’ ease and comfort, or just switching to wings from jacket-style BCDs, it’s worth noting that there is little price difference between the Deluxe and Standard versions. 

At current (June 2023), you can purchase the Zeos Deluxe Aluminium version for about £50 cheaper than the Stainless Steel backplate model.

Compared to the Deluxe and all other wings listed here, the most cost-effective wing system we hold in stock is the XDeep Zeos Standard.

Like the Zeos Deluxe, this wing boasts an outer shell made from Cordura® 1100 dTEX and an inner bladder made of Nylon 440dTEX for durability. 

The standard DIR-style continuous loop harness can be easily adjusted for the diver. Optional adjustability can also be achieved by adding an inline buckle to one side of the shoulder webbing without compromising it with breakpoints.

Both versions of the Zeos securely attach to a cylinder via a Single Tank Adapter (STA) with two cam bands (included in the package).

These wings do not have a shoulder pull dump valve, reducing the possibility of any related failure. 

The choice between the two is whether you want buckles, a single-piece webbing harness or a 4 piece one, and if you need comfort pads. Otherwise, it’s all the same.

Tank attachment: Single Tank Adapter with 2 cam bands

Lift: 28lbs (12.7Kg) and 38lbs (17.2Kg) 

Weight pockets: Optional

Back pad on backplate: Optional

Shoulder dump valve: No

The Apeks WTX Wing System

You’ll immediately notice the difference when comparing the Apeks WTX single tank wing to the others. It is still a 360 bladder with an outer shell, allowing air to circulate evenly behind a diver, but is a very narrow design, allowing a cylinder to nest deep inside the wing.

That specific design gives it a far more streamlined profile and great trim behind the diver.

Whether you go for the 753g aluminium or 2.2Kg stainless steel backplate, what comes in this set includes a 12’ 2-inch stiff webbing harness with central grommet, 2 shoulder and 2 side D-rings, 2” wide crotch strap with front and back D-Rings, 2 neoprene shoulder protectors, 2 elastic retaining loops, a heavy-duty stainless buckle and enough tri-glides to hold the D-Rings in place.

As with the Zeos, the WTX does not have a shoulder pull dump. The OP dump valve with pull cord is at the left bottom of the wing facing the divers’ back, and it is low profile and flat against the wing, identical to Aqualung BCD dump valves.

Instead of a standard single tank adapter, the wing and backplate slip onto a cylinder with two cam bands with stainless steel buckles. These secure the cylinder to the system with padding stitched to the back of the wing, nesting it in place.

Apeks WTX Wing

Tank attachment: 2 cam bands (No Single Tank Adapter)

Lift: 30lbs (13.6Kg) and 40lbs (18.1Kg) 

Weight pockets: Optional, various brands

Shoulder dump valve: No

The OMS Smartstream Signature series wing system

Superior Value for Money

Suppose you’re looking for an all-singing and dancing continuous loop (DIR) single tank wing with on-the-fly adjustability and don’t mind a convenient yet rather non-Dir shoulder pull dump valve. 

In that case the OMS Smartstream Signature single tank wing system might be for you.

But for the shoulder pull dump valve, which some may regard as a potential failure point (but makes buoyancy control easier) we absolutely love this wing. (Noticeably, OMS has used a standard 90º elbow in the Smartstream twinset sibling Performance wing system.)

The first thing that catches the eye with the Smartstream is its build quality. Ocean Management Systems, renowned for their wings over decades, has certainly paid attention to every minor detail to make the system robust and practical. 

It’s like a technical dive wing made for single tanks.

The shell fabric is strong, the inner bladder is tough, fabric around the dump valves and cam band slots are reinforced with rubber, and the dump valve at bottom left side of wing at back of diver has a decent size toggle. 

Add to that the many additional features ranging from easy on-the-fly adjustability without breakpoints in the harness, a sizeable side pocket, removable weight pockets on either side, alternative right-hand side D-Ring arrangement, double snoopy loops on each shoulder: 

This is an excellent system which will last you for many years.

Another significant advantage of the OMS Smartstream single tank wing system is that it comes with an installed OMS Back Pad with integrated trim pockets which on its own costs more than £100.

The pad cushions the back of the diver against the backplate and has internal storage space. On the back of the pad, facing the backplate, are 4 trim weight pockets.

Each pocket can hold up to 1.5 kg of weight equally distributed behind the diver, reducing the number of weights needed on a dive belt and assisting with in-water trim. 

This represents an enormous saving. 

Tank attachment: Single Tank Adapter with 2 cam bands

Lift: 28lbs (12.7Kg) and 38lbs (17.2Kg) 
Weight pockets: Yes

Trim weight pockets on backplate backpad

Shoulder dump valve: Yes

The Halcyon Eclipse Wing System

Halcyon is the industry leader when it comes to wings and dive lights. All the above wing systems are more or less knockoffs of the original Halcyon doughnut wing. 

The Halcyon Eclipse wing system is the company’s flagship for single-tank diving. 

The wing itself is also the core of the Halcyon Infinity It comes with 20lbs, 30lbs, and 40lbs lift options.

As the name implies, the wing is in a streamlined ecliptic shape, and it’s known for its excellent balance and trim.

It represents DIR configuration and diving in every way and is a good choice for divers who want the very best with a comfortable and safe underwater experience.

While the standard system is based on a continuous loop harness, adjustability can be achieved either with an optional cinch backplate or a cheap alternative, a pinch clip buckle and inline loop.

The luxury version Infinity Wing has an installed cinch harness and backplate system (which can be removed if need be), a comfy backpack, comfy shoulder pads, and weight pockets – the only things different from the standard Eclipse wing system.

Tank attachment: Single Tank Adapter with 2 cam bands

Lift: 20, 30, 40 lbs

Weight pockets: Yes

Back pad on backplate: Yes

Shoulder dump valve: No

Whichever of these wings you dive with, you’ll notice the quality of manufacturing and after service so the final choice is up to you.