Tek Experience Day • Intro to twins • Includes all required twinset equipment*

Ideal for recreational single tank divers. A one day hands-on  supervised experience at sea. Includes twinset, wing, regulator set and torch (where required) rental. An ideal opportunity for those who want to experience what twinset  with back-mounted wing diving is all about -- covering the difference between configurations with emphasis on practicing safe and streamlined rigging.


Surface and in-water skills practice covering:

   • Horizontal trim descents/ascents/hovering
   • Propulsion techniques
   • Hose routing and gas sharing
   • Emergency shut downs 
   • Neutral buoyancy SMB and reel management
   • Twinset boat and ocean diving techniques 


- Enhanced understanding of various twinset configurations
- In-water supervised use of twinset, wings, long hose
- Opportunity to practice techniques 


[ eMail or call 01305 824 555 to arrange for dates or more info ]


- Open Water Diver or equivalent
- With minimum 25 Open Water Dives (including sea dives)
- Dry suit diving experience and efficiency


- Includes required diving equipment rental (twinset, wing, regulators)
- 1 day programme with 1 or 2 dives 



On a typical Intro to Twins programme, the morning session consists of theory covering twinsets, set-ups, hose routing, donation and finning techniques practiced and repeated during dry runs and is followed by one or two dives. The whole day is conducted under the supervision and guidance of an experienced and professional technical diving instructor. Candidates also have the option to extend their training experience over certification level courses.


The programme is ideal for those who are looking to switch to a twinset configuration or want to see what technical diving is about. It is a great primer for more advanced technical courses.

Intro to Twins is designed to introduce divers to twin-sets and wings through a hands-on experience and sea dives. Participants can utilise various cylinders to address their diving needs, ranging from twin 7s to twin 8.5s and the most popular (or recommended) twin 12s. Those with twinset experience can use the programme to enhance their skills or master stage bottles, deployment, gas sharing and other drills.

Various aspects and configurations of twin-sets from the preferred ocean diving rigs of manifolded twins to isolated set-ups are covered in the programme with their pros and cons. 

The programme also includes dive(s) using either a twin-set configuration already owned by the divers, or the famous Halcyon Explorer or Evolve MC Systems (cost includes all rental fees  -- other than dry suit, boots and mask).

If you are a qualified Rescue Diver or above (from any training agency), you can even do this programme on a 1-to-1 basis.

In-water skills are designed to develop on a divers existing fundamental buoyancy, finning and streamlining techniques thereby making him/her more comfortable, competent and confident underwater while optionally introducing the diver to new and different methods, configurations and techniques.

Introduction to Twin-set Diving can be taken either as a stand-alone development and skill programme or as a primer for any future advanced and technical level training to be taken from Underwater Explorers.

This is an exclusive hands-on UE skills programme and not a certification course on its own. 

Read more about other training opportunities on our INTRO TO TECH pages.

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