Scapa Flow Liveaboard

valkyrieMillennium Divers has booked a liveaboard MV-Valkyrie for June 12-18 2010 Scapa Flow Trip. A weeks diving in Scapa Flow will allow you to dive the entire fleet at least once as well as dive other gems such as the James Barrie. The visibility is exquisite for UK waters although it can be gloomy at depth so a torch is essential. The wrecks mostly lie over 30 metres, so Scapa is not ideal for novice divers. Its a great deal in one of the best diving months in the year. £435 gets you a week full boat on Valkyrie in a twin bunked room and 2 great dives per day (air included all gasses extra). The price also includes the ferry from Scrabster to Stromness so all you have to do is get yourself and your gear to and from Scrabster. Scapa Flow is one of the jewels in the crown of UK scuba diving. The remains of the German fleet still lie in the flow, heavily protected from any sort of salvage or interference by divers. Their legacy is some of the best scuba diving in the world, the behemoths of the battleships rising from 45m to 22m, guns pointing into the green, seemingly on eternal patrol. The stricken cruisers on their sides, their superstructures slowly falling to the seabed after nearly 100 years underwater. Please contact us to book Click for MORE INFO on MV-Valkyrie
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