Red Sea 7-14 March 2010

whirlpoolMillennium Divers Club have chartered the award winning liveaboard Whirlwind for this year’s holiday!  We will be leaving Gatwick on Sunday 7th March and returning on the 14th March 2010.  This is an all inclusive package of £995 that will cover all your travel and accommodation costs, as well as up to 4 dives a day, air, tanks and weights, The Brothers Wreck Special takes wreck diving in the Northern Red Sea further. Wide ranging, this itinerary mixes up northern and southern destinations. Each iconic wreck follows another… the Thistlegorm one day… Numidia the next. What more could any diver want? The Brothers Wreck Special really does combine unmissable wrecks and astounding diving. redseaCheck dive over, the week typically kicks off at Abu Nuhas. And yet, as enticing as the Carnatic or Giannis D may be, more awaits further south. Set sail on a bearing for the Big Brother, where the Aida and Numidia met their watery ends. Renowned for pelagic encounters, the Brothers set the stage for awesome diving. Enjoy the calming isolation of these two tiny pin pricks of land amid a horizon of blue. The Salem Express and El Mina then follow. Returning to the North lie the Barge, Rosalie Moller and of course, the Thistlegorm. The Dunraven is the final stop in a week long wreck divers dream. The Brothers Wreck Special serves up an itinerary of wreck diving that cannot fail to lure you beneath the waves. The differences in each wreck could not be more marked. The simple delights of the 19th century Carnatic and Dunraven are all too evident. Now very much a part of the reefs, the beauty of these dives speak for themselves. Hanging on the precipice of Big Brother, the Numidia is jaw dropping and a good place to look into the blue for big fish. The Second World War sisters, Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller, both lie at anchor and are adorned with lion fish and snapper. And bringing the week into the modern age are El Mina and the tragic Salem Express. The first reef inhabitants have settled in to these new homes. Whilst the focus of this trip might be the wrecks in this area, the sheer splendor of the marine ecology makes it worth a second glance. This itinerary is best suited to advanced divers. Sailing at night leaves more time for diving and enjoying the peaceful scenery during the day. The area can be subject to strong currents. Several of the wrecks make for excellent technical dives and the warm waters take the discomfort out of long bottom times. The fabulous visibility also makes this a great choice for photographers. The size and scale of the wrecks visited are impressive and worth more than a shot or two. Wide angle lenses are a must. The Brothers Wreck Special is a remarkable route that visits a catalogue of veritable treasures and will interest anyone looking for a bit more drama in their diving. Over a week’s diving, the Red Sea’s shipping history is set before you for exploration. The Brothers Wreck Special is very much a journey through the ages, pausing at each moment in time. Touching the Southern Red Sea, this itinerary also gives the chance for to enjoy the sparkling reef life and opulent corals. We have this open to a mixture of technical and recreational divers so no matter what your certification or experience you will find this a trip not to miss.  We will be teaching a mixture of PADI and TDI course at a discounted price. Contact Ross for further details The trip is organised through award winning tour operator: THE SCUBA TRAVEL
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