Try Before You Buy

That's right! Take them out for a test drive whenever you want!

We're here to always help you at Underwater Explorers whether you need assistance in rigging up a trial kit or just want to see how something works before investing in it. To us, diving equipment is an important investment and choosing correctly can avoid costly mistakes. But more important than anything is your safety and comfort... 

You would not buy a car without test driving it so why should it be any different with upper range diving equipment unless you've experienced it for real? At Underwater Explorers we believe that you should find the most suitable option for you without compromising on quality and definitely without being rushed into a choice. Therefore we have made an excellent range of recreational and technical equipment available to for you to "test drive".

From regulators and  dry suits to umblical (canister) lights and wing systems you can try various products. You can even try different sizes of stage cylinders, technical fins, twin sets and regulators to find the best option for you.

How does it work? You pay a normal kit hire fee for our Try Before You Buy products which is fully refundable if you decide to buy the new product when returning the kit (or within a mutually arranged reasonable time limit).



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Halcyon Diving Products - UK

Underwater Explorers - UK - is Britain's leading Halcyon dealer and service centre. All Halcyon products can be seen on location in Portland, Dorset. Our support covers TRY BEFORE YOU BUY for leading Halcyon products from torches to wings (and also now includes a select quantity of DUI Dry Suits). Not only can you see, feel and try the products you are considering to purchase, you can also try them in the sea.

Fancy a go at a twin-tank system, or want to know what the new Infinity with the Cinch adjustable harness looks like? Or would you like to get to use one of the single tank systems before your upcoming holidays? Underwater Explorers in Portland, Dorset, is where to visit. For more information on all Halcyon products visit, the mark of quality in online scuba diving gear shopping dedicated to DIR and Hogarthian products.

 Halcyon Regulators (Aura, Halo, H75-P and the H50-D)

Halo-1_web-150x150 H75-P_web-150x150  H50-D_web-150x150  Aura-1_web-150x150

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