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What's so hot about Chesil?

Getting to Chesil Cove is easy. Check out the step-by-step photo instructions under this text. To navigate to the site use DT5 1AW (Cove House Inn) or DT5 1LN (Quiddles Cafe) as the post code. We're on the left on the causeway to Portland after the Portland Marina roundabout and just across from O'Three.

Once you head from Weymouth towards Portland (passing through Wyke on the A354) go across Ferry Bridge. You will see Ferry Bridge Inn to the right and a boat yard on your left. The road is a straight causeway after the bridge with the first roundabout turning into Portland Marina. Pass this first roundabout and head straight for the second where you will see O'Three HQ to the left and our dive centre just across from it. If you are going straight to the Cove without stopping by, head straight to Victoria Square. Keep right here at the roundabout (don't go left up the hill!) and once you take the right bend, go into Chiswell to your left. You'll sea Blue Fish cafe/restaurant to the right and further up a brown sign post for Cove House Inn. Once you pass this sign post you'll be at a V where you turn right (don't go up the hill as it becomes one-way). There is a car park to your left and parking spaces to your right. You have also passed a free car park across from Blue Fish (and yet another paid-for one in the Masonic Car Park at Victoria Square).

Drive up to the 'storm gates' at Brandy Row, leave your kit there with someone to watch over it, then park your car and head back. If there are spaces you can park in the public parking on Brandy Row, in the free car park there or in a spot on Chiswell you may find. If this doesn't work your best bet is the car park across from Blue Fish. It's only a minute or so walk back. The closest paid-for parking is the Masonic Car Park at Victoria Square.

If you've come this far you might as well walk down those pebbles and dive it.
If you've never done so, check out our Chesil Cove Dive Guide for starters.

Parking up for a Chesil dive


The trick is to drive up to the cove, drop off all your equipment with someone in attendance, then drive to the closest car parking space available - park up and get back to dive!...Reaching Chesil Cove is easy. From Victoria Square (2) head straight on towards Chiswell on the road leaning right, parallel to the sea. This means passing the "Little Ship" pub, a car park [P3] and Blue Fish Restaurant on the right (all visible as you enter Chiswell street). Drive straight and pass the sign-post for Cove House Inn. You will see the road fork off to the left and right where there is another car park [P2] at the corner. Take the street on the right (Brandy Row) and drive up to the end of this, which is the storm gates and wall of the esplanade (1).

The closest parking is on Brandy Row [P1] - the same street. You can also park at the car park [P2] you just passed or on the road you came from [P4]. If no parking is available you can still park for free at [P3] which is only a couple of minutes of a walking distance.Once at the storm gates follow the short slipway to the right which goes down to the beach. At the bottom of the slipway look left and you'll see steps right under the wall (though at times after storms these could be covered by pebbles). This is an ideal place to set up your equipment or use as a "base" for your diving.


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