Galapagos 14-24 July 2012 Trip of a Lifetime !

There is clearly nowhere else on the planet that can compare with the Galapagos. Seeing really is believing... and the diving really is just that good.

MD Club has chartered one of the few liveaboards who have access to land based activities, Galapagos Sky.

The diving really speaks for itself. Galapagos Sky will find you not only the expected shark action but sea lions, penguins, turtles stingrays, whale sharks and manta - to name but a few. Then there are the schooling hammerheads that patrol the blue as well as come into the reefs for a clean. Galapagos sharks, white tips, and silkies are common. Dolphins hunt tuna which in turn feast on the smaller reef fish.

galapagos.underwaterGalapagos Sky also makes sure that you get to see some of the area's unique life land side with a stop at the Charles Darwin Research Stations. Fur seals sun themselves on the beaches, iguana gnaw seaweed from the rocks and all manner of sea birds dot the cliffs.
The Galapagos have earned a mighty reputation in the world of diving and not without reason. This low-lying volcanic chain was not only Darwin’s inspiration. It is home to diving the like of which you cannot find elsewhere on the planet. The intoxicating mixture of marine life is completely unique. This is a dive trip that cannot fail to live up to the highest of expectations.

It is perhaps easier to list the things you won't see on a trip to the Galapagos as the roll call of regular visitors is impressively long. Gone are the crowds and hordes of other divers. Instead the islands are most famous for the hammerheads sharks that school in vast numbers and swirl around the deep water pinnacles. Huge throngs of white tips sharks cruise the reef alongside snapper, tuna and barracuda. Galapagos sharks are unique to this region, which is also one of the few places divers can get close to sea lion and fur seals all on same trip. Add to all of this the frequent manta, eagle rays, golden rays and turtles as well as whalesharks and dolphin - what more could you want. Well why not snorkel with penguins or marine iguana?

The cost of this trip is £4.995 inclusive of flights and full-board accommodation on the boat. Payment can be made in installments towards the date although a deposit of £650 is required during initial reservation. Final payment is due by 15 April 2012.

The trip is organised through award winning ATOL protected tour operator: THE SCUBA TRAVEL


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